Pandemic Lockdown



Presented by: D. Graham Burnett




E. Colin Cherry, "Some Experiments on the Recognition of Speech, with One and with Two Ears"

James Elkins, "How to Look at Nothing", from How to Use Your Eyes

Bernard Stiegler, Taking Care of the Youth, and the Generations

Presented by: Jeff Dolven

W/ special guests Stevie Knauss & Grace Caiazza, a Quarantine Check-In.




Adam Phillips, Attention Seeking

Presented by: Sonali Chakravarti

W/ special guest David Richardson, and a listening exercise!



Dennis Longwell, "Building a Foundation: The Reality of Doing", from Sanford Meisner on Acting

Presented by: Dominic Pettman

W/ special guest Helen Singh-Miller, and kinetic portraiture.



Roland Barthes, How to Live Together

Vilém Flusser, Natural:Mind

Paul Rubin, "Freeing the Neck" from Torino II Feldenkrais Training

Part I, Attentional De-Pruning, presented by: Marcos Luytens - Hypnotic Attention Drawings

Part II, presented by: Catherine Hansen



Interview with neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran

Friends of Attention, Manifesto for the Freedom of Attention

Simone Weil, "Attention and Will", from Gravity and Grace

Presented by: Justin E.H. Smith - Pareidolia Exercise



Gaston Bachelard, La terre et les rêveries du repos. (English) (French)

Immanuel Kant, "Critique of the Aesthetic Power of Judgment", from Critique of Judgment

G.W. Leibniz, "§20 Fish..." from Protogaea

Presented by: Leonard Nalencz & Anna Riley - Ekphrastic Exercise



Homer, "Shield of Achilles", from the Iliad

Virgil, "Shield of Aeneas", from the Aeneid

Linda Nochlin, excerpt from "Sophie Calle: Word, Image, and the End of Ekphrasis"


Presented by: Adam Jasper & Steveanne Knauss

Collective Annotation



Friends of Attention, The Twelve Theses

Friends of Attention, The Twelve Theses Film